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07 Sep 2016

Flu Protection - Adults Need To Stay Healthy Too.

30 Apr 2016

PREPARE ME TO PLAY FluMania - the fun way to learn about the flu

12 Aug 2015

Hepatitis A – Could You Be Returning From Your Overseas Trip With An Unwanted Travel Souvenir?

22 Jul 2015

Good News From The 2015 Budget – The Adult Immunisation Register

20 Jul 2015

Shingles. Painful, but preventable

17 Jun 2015

Community Immunity - why we’re all in this together

19 May 2015

Feeling sick? Why fighting the flu is a constant battle, year in and year out.

12 May 2015

Why you can’t afford to get the flu!

22 Apr 2015

There Is Nothing Worse Than Seeing Your Child Suffer From Illness Why Wouldn't You Want To Do All You Can To Protect Them?

21 Jan 2015

Bali bound? Five star resort or backpacking, you need this travel health advice

14 Jan 2015

Save the date to vaccinate – why this app is a MUST for busy mums and dads!

16 Dec 2014

Time to have THAT talk with your teens

10 Dec 2014

Memory playing tricks on you? Tips for finding your old vaccination records

08 Dec 2014

Could you unknowingly be putting your grandchild, nephew or niece at risk?

25 Nov 2014

Schoolies heading to Bali – don’t leave home without reading this.

18 Nov 2014

Is Ebola making you fearful to travel?

17 Nov 2014

The “REAL” facts about Ebola

17 Jul 2014

Pre-pregnancy planning: Protecting yourself and your baby

17 Jul 2014

Being a New Mum: Focus on Immunisation, Health & Fitness

30 Jun 2014

Polio: Step up pre travel vaccination

06 Jun 2014

Into the Jungle: Top Health Tips for the Amazon

06 Jun 2014

Spotlight on South America: Health Highlights & Hotspots

04 Apr 2014

Why Flu Vaccination is Essential Every Year

04 Apr 2014

The 2014 Flu Season: Who’s most at risk this year?

10 Mar 2014

Top 5 Tips to Avoid a Holiday Disaster Abroad

10 Mar 2014

Sick and Stuck Overseas

07 Jan 2014

Insurance + Vaccinations = Staying Healthy Overseas

07 Jan 2014

Five Of The Best Travel Moments In Time

12 Dec 2013

Kris Jenner Preps Family with Whooping Cough Vaccinations

19 Nov 2013

Changes to the Immunisation Schedule – What You Need To Know

18 Nov 2013

Take The “Ouch” Out of Baby Vaccinations

25 Jul 2013

Why Vaccinate Today?

24 Jul 2013

Travel Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

24 Jul 2013

Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Flu-Free (and you too!)

24 Jul 2013

5 Celebrities Who Are Helping the World Stay Healthy

22 Jul 2013

Newborn Health Surprises: What you should know about your newborn