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Age Vaccine Information / 6 Months

6 Months

The third scheduled visit of primary vaccinations is at six months of age. This is the final set of vaccinations within the primary series that are given at two, four, and six months. The gap between the doses of vaccines is to make sure that each dose has time to work effectively. Depending on which state you live in, your baby will again receive two injections but may not require a third dose of the oral rotavirus vaccine. These vaccinations are given to trigger your baby’s immune system to produce its own antibodies against the diseases listed on this page. After completion of the primary series, your baby will be protected if they come in contact with any of these diseases. Consult with your General Practitioner to discuss whether or not your baby should receive an influenza vaccination. It is important to note that whilst the vaccine is free for those at-risk groups listed on the National Immunisation Program, a consultation fee may apply.


* Free influenza vaccine is available for all Australians aged six months of age and over with medical conditions, who can develop serious complications as a result of influenza.


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