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Save the date to vaccinate – why this app is a MUST for busy mums and dads!

A play date here, a swimming lesson there. Life can quickly pass by with a little one and before you know it, you’ve missed an all-important vaccination appointment with your doctor. The great news is that there is help at hand.

Timely immunisation of your child is incredibly important in helping to build their immune system and keeping them healthy as they grow. It is the safest and most effective mode of protection, vastly reducing the likelihood of catching communicable diseases if there are cases in the community.Check out this schedule of recommended immunisations for guidance on what to expect.

Thanks to an App developed by NSW Health, you can be sure never to miss an appointment for your child again. Save the Date to Vaccinate does exactly what you would think it would. At the click of a button you can receive tailored reminders to make sure you book in for the jabs he or she need with your local GP. Available to download for both android and iPhone, the nifty little app has already had more than 40,000 downloads and glowing reviews from the parents using it across NSW, removing the need to carry a heavy diary in your handbag.2

  • Step One: Download the app
  • Step Two: Enter your child’s name, date of birth and GP contact details
  • Step Three: The app will calculate your child’s next immunisation due date and send a series of reminders to prompt you to call your GP to schedule an appointment for each immunisation. You can make the call straight from the App!

This innovative app has been the centerpiece of the Save the Date to Vaccinate campaign launched by NSW Health and championed by media mummy Mia Freedman. As a mum of three, Mia is a well-known advocate for immunisation and relies on this app for those all-important reminders, encouraging other mums to do the same. Detailing the why, the when, the where and myth busting around vaccinations, check out the wealth of information available on the Save the Date to Vaccinate website or visit to find out more.


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