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Top Tips to Keep Your Kids Flu-Free (and you too!)

When flu season strikes and little Jimmy is coughing and spluttering over the playground, you can be forgiven for wanting to hide your family under a bubble.

Luckily, there are more simple ways to help you and your family combat the flu this season. No self-contained bubble required.

1. There’s a reason behind the long standing habit of washing your hands with soap and water. It kills germs. Washing your hands is a 30 second journey, not a five second rush. Slow and steady wins the race.


2. Teach your children to cover their mouth when they sneeze. A sneeze travels around nine metres at speeds of up to 160 km per hour. That’s a lot of germ collateral damage!


3. Teach your children to sneeze and cough into tissues to help stop germs from spreading on their hands. The nasty flu virus can survive for up to 12 hours on tissues, so make sure they throw the tissues away after use!


4. Going outside with wet hair does not cause the flu. Even if you’re in Antartica. Flu is caught by contact with the influenza virus.


5. Flu germs can live up to 48 hours on hard surfaces. Always wipe down benches, sinks and tables to keep your home and work environment germ free.


6. Play bad cop. You can be contagious one day before flu symptoms kick in and up to five days after becoming ill. Postpone play dates with sick kids, your family will thank you.


7. Discuss flu immunisation with your GP. Any healthy person over the age of six months can be vaccinated. It takes just one conversation and it could save you having an unwell and unhappy child.