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How do I get a copy of my immunisation record?

Page last updated 16 June 2020

You can get a copy of your Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).  

You can access this through the myGov website using your Medicare online account (Medicare linked service), or by calling the AIR on 1800 653 809 (note that it may take up to 14 days to be sent in the mail). Anyone over the age of 14 years needs to request their own Immunisation History Statement and they can also set-up their own Medicare linked service. 

Please note, your Immunisation History Statement may not have your complete record, as it does not keep record of vaccines provided by school programs. What it will have recorded:

  • childhood vaccines given since 1 January 1996
  • adult vaccines given since 30 September 2016

It’s up to the vaccination provider to put your vaccines on the AIR. It’s a good idea to remind them to do so.

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MAT-AU-2000013  - Date of preparation June 2020