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What are the benefits of the flu vaccine?

Page last updated 23 April 2018

Getting vaccinated against the seasonal flu is important to help prevent you getting sick, but that’s not all. It’s also about the people who are unable to get flu shots, the ones whose immune systems can’t fight off a virus like yours can and the ones already weak from battling cancer and other illnesses.

While how well the vaccine works varies from person to person, here are some reasons why getting vaccinated benefit you:

  • Can help prevent you from getting the flu
  • Can help prevent you from being hospitalised due to influenza complications 
  • It help others, such as people with chronic conditions, from contracting the virus and therefore helping them avoid the complications of the influenza illness  
  • It can protect pregnant women and their babies during and after pregnancy/birth
  • It protects the people around you from getting the flu, which is also called herd immunity 

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