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What vaccines are recommended when travelling to Bali?

Page last updated 08 May 2020

All travellers should be up to date with their routine vaccinations before heading off to Bali. These vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, chicken pox, polio and influenza.6  For a full list, refer to the National Immunisation Program – available here

Most travellers

There is also an increased risk of contracting hepatitis A and typhoid in Bali, both of which can be contracted through contaminated food or water.9 Hepatitis A can occur regardless of where you are eating or staying, and typhoid is usually more common in rural areas or at street food stalls.

Some travellers

Depending on where you are staying and what activities you have planned, vaccines or preventative medication may be recommended for prevention of the following diseases:

  • Hepatitis B
    • You can contract this through sexual contact and contaminated needles, so this vaccine is particularly important if you are sexually active in Bali, having any medical procedures or are planning on getting a tattoo
  • Japanese encephalitis
    • This mosquito-transmitted disease is more common in rural areas, and you may need this vaccine if your trip to Bali will be longer than a month
  • Rabies
    • Dogs and monkeys that interact with tourists in Bali could have rabies
    • The rabies vaccination is recommended for travellers spending a lot of time outdoors or with animals, and for small children as they are more likely to approach animals and not report bites

Malaria is not present in the resort areas of Bali, however, if you are planning on visiting rural areas for extended periods or have lots of mountain trekking planned you should consider antimalarial medication.

See your doctor before you travel to see whether any of these vaccines or preventative medications are required for you.

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