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Will I be allowed to enter Australia from Brazil if I do not have a yellow fever vaccination certificate?

Page last updated 13 November 2018

Upon arriving back into Australia, you will be asked by boarder control to provide a valid vaccination certificate as proof that you have received the yellow fever vaccination if you have travelled to a yellow fever risk country within the previous 6 days. 

If you do happen to return to Australia without a valid certificate, you will still be permitted entry. At immigration, a biosecurity officer from the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources will reinforce the serious nature of the disease. They will then provide you with a Yellow Fever Action Card, which provides instructions on what to do if you develop any symptoms of yellow fever in the 6-day period after you left Brazil.

If you are travelling from Brazil to a country other than Australia, please note that the country you are travelling to may require a yellow fever vaccination certificate and if you do not have it, it may be that you are refused entry or require vaccination on entry.


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